About PhBeads Jewelry

PhBeads™ Everyday Talismans and Modern Relics™

I make jewelry that's a little different. Organic and a bit rustic. It has an antique feel, a talisman well worn. I wonder at the lives of those who owned the old things in my home before me. I use recycled gold, silver, stones out of old jewelry, so loved it can no longer be worn. My style, the things we love, are found somewhere in the depths of our collective human memory. Let me make a piece of this world for you to carry with you. Made of recycled metals and ethically sourced stones including ones provided by clients for their sentimental nature. Created by one goldsmith from start to finish. My pieces look ancient, historical, inspired by natural textures and objects with an industrial, antique or wabi-sabi feel. Made with a planned imperfection but engineered to be comfortable, sturdy and last a lifetime or more. Modern heirlooms for the highly original human. Each piece is made especially for you when you order. I design, sculpt, cast and finish all pieces myself and I set the stones by hand. Custom orders using your stones and gold are welcomed! Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of a custom made piece of jewelry.